LplusR - our strenghts

Our specific strengths are secure project management and high quality applications. High availability and extremely high data and IT security are a given for us. Ergonomic and intuitive operation of the application is an extremely high priority.

Main focus of the software design

  • high data security, maintenance-free operation and stable applications for industry
  • intuitive and ergonomic operation in all applications

  • rapid and secure error diagnosis and troubleshooting

High levels of expertise and many years of experience ensure

  • smooth integration of our applications, even in mature heterogeneous IT environments without any disruption to operation
  • no breaks in production when switching from the old to the new system and connection to superimposed or secondary external systems
  • no standard systems for apparently easy processes
  • in-house simulation and test systems allow safe integration and short set-up times, even in highly productive environments
  • smooth start up due to user training